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Roots to Fruition: What Goes Into Creating a Music Festival?

Music Festivals are often the source of happiness and great memories. This does not mean that it does take a lot of work to bring to fruition. Today, we take a look at what goes into creating a music festival. The planning and logistics for a music festival can be either of two things: magical or nightmarish. This primarily relies on who is running the music fest. Let us look at the critical components of a music festival:



No music festival gets off the ground without these folks. The organizers are pretty much the starting point of any music fest. They need to have the right mindset in order to put off something that requires a lot of extensive planning and countless hours of follow-up and backup plans. If the organizers lose sight of the goal or decide to only focus on profits, you end up something akin to the now infamous Fyre Festival.

The organizers must have a realistic take on how the event is going to go and how they plan to go about it.



When you have a music fest, you first need to know where you are going to hold it. As great as it is to offer something “new”, going with something established has a charm all on its own. There is a reason why Woodstock is so consistent through the years. It is often held at a place that has already been tried and tested.  The location must offer a bit of an allure but it should never put people in danger.

Your location is one of the biggest reasons why people can opt to go or pass on your festival. Holding your festival in somewhere familiar will provide your goers with the safety net of familiarity and security.



What kind of music fest does not have performers? While there is a certain appeal to well-known performers, it is often the local performers that truly get a chance to shine. No matter where you go, there will always be a hotbed of talented performers that only need a bit of exposure to really let their careers take flight.



People are always hungry for more than just music—especially at music festivals. If you are planning on hosting or building one, the organizers must take into account the food situation. Will there be local stores that would be willing or able to partner up with the music festival? Music festivals are always a great opportunity to put the spotlight on local vendors and specialties.

If the organizers neglect this, they can expect dwindling numbers as the days go by.



Normally, when you have experienced a successful fest at a location, you try to make the next one even better. You do not uproot it to a completely different location unless you have no choice. The organizers need to suitably hunker down and streamline the process. What worked? What did not work? Weeding out the liabilities all help build better music festivals for all.


Fortune Favors the Prepared: Music Festival Survival Guide

Music festivals are fun to go to if you are responsible about it. While organizers do have a responsibility to provide measures to keep things fun and healthy, the attendee must also take measures to ensure a fun and healthy experience. In light of this, today we discuss some important tips that can help you through a music festival!


Due diligence

This is something that we cannot place enough emphasis upon. Whenever you are looking to join a music festival, it pays to study up on it. Yes, we actually used the word “study”. Find out the date; try to get a hold of the schedule of the programs, find out who will be performing—these are a few things that you should consider.

Unlike the kids that showed up at the Fyre Festival, you must take it upon yourselves to double-check if the festival that you are looking at is legitimate. Have there been previous events? How did it go with the attendees? Arming yourself with suitable knowledge will protect you from falling into the sort of trouble the ill-fated Bahamas festival had.


Pack light and responsibly

When your festival checks out, it would be smart if you were to pack light and responsibly. While there are food stalls which can offer a variety of drinks, it is always best to have a small thermos in your bag filled with water. Water is always important if you are ever going to go out.

Avoid bringing excess amounts of cash with you. Pack only the amount which is necessary to get you what you need like food, a ride, or other things. If the music festival you are going to allows food, pack yourself some light snacks if you want to just keep something to perk you up.


Dress for comfort

Yes we understand the trend for flower crowns and often barely there ensembles that the likes of the Jenner sisters and their ilk are so fond of wearing. Remember that the focus should be on the musicians and artists performing—not the scantily clad person in the audience. Also, if the festival you are going to is a standing room only, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

It does not make sense to be #OOTD ready but be too uncomfortable that you end up missing the performances at their peak. In music festivals such as ours, there are activities that go beyond the music. There are other displays and kiosks that offer varying wares and goods. Dressing sensibly will allow you a good condition wherein you can do rounds in the venue without feeling like your feet are about to fall off. Also, if you are going during the day, do not forget to wear sunscreen!


Have fun!

A music festival is meant to be enjoyed. Once you have ticked off the other tips on this list, do not forget to have fun! With these tips, you are more than ready to take on musical festivals that are near you!

Music Festival Darlings: The Magic of the Simple Ukulele

Whenever you think of rustic music festivals, thoughts always conjure up the sound of guitars and ukuleles. Join us as Kent State Folk Festival looks into the magic of the simple ukulele. Somehow country music and ukuleles are fairly inseparable.

Let us look into just what makes the rather simple ukulele an ever present fixture in folk festivals!


They are easy to pick up and play

If you ask any virtuoso in music about what sort of instrument you should pick up and play, they will pretty much tell you this: choose something that you can bring with you. When you fall in love with music, it is something that you carry with you. Often, the urge to play will hit you pretty hard. When the instrument you play is something as large as a piano or a drum set, getting to play out to your heart’s content can be pretty hard.

Ukuleles are small and easy to bring along anywhere. So if you ever have the urge to play your ditty, you can just bust out your ukulele and start strumming on the strings.


Playing is not complicated

As the ukulele has only four strings instead of six, the pieces that you can play are not that complicated. While it does have the large range that a guitar would usually have, it has its own charm. The uncomplicated style of playing is a great way to relieve stress.

As the play style is not complicated at all, it is something that even very young children can learn how to play. If you already know how to play the guitar, picking up the ukulele will be as easy as pie.

Ukuleles has options to choose from

A common misconception about the ukulele is that it only comes in one small size. The truth is there are four options that you can choose from: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Much like the range of a human voice, ukuleles have them as well!


They are sturdy little things

Another fairly common belief is that ukuleles are fragile things. As with all musical instruments, they should all be handled with care in order to last you quite a while. Of course, this is not to say that there are not flimsy ukuleles out there. There are.

Just like when you purchase anything, you need to be sure of the quality of the product. Superb ukuleles do exist. You just need to know where you can find it. Reputable vendors will help you check for signs on flimsy designs.


Ukulele players look more approachable

A study conducted by our own team of writers has concluded that ukulele players are more approachable than other instruments that are commonly played. Respondents have reported that there is something whimsical and fun-loving about the ukulele—so it sort of follows that the person who has one is approachable as well.

So there you have it! Do you guys think that Ukuleles are pretty magical as well? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.



Festival Woes: Why was the Fyre Festival Such a Nightmare?

By now everyone has heard of the disastrous “luxury” music festival in the Bahamas called Fyre Festival. Today, we take a closer look at why such a festival turned out to be such a grand scale nightmare for attendees. It was only a couple of months ago when social media everywhere started reporting in on the “horror stories” from the attendees of the Fyre Festival.

Inadequate facilities, terrible food, etc—the list goes on and on. From a music festival’s standpoint, there was very little that you could botch. A music festival after all required four things in particular: music, food, established location, and people to go. Somehow, despite having a lot of the fourth, Fyre Festival managed to crash and burn spectacularly. From our point of view, this is why the Fyre Festival became such a nightmare:


Status over Substance

It was very clear from the beginning that the “festival” was being touted as a luxury getaway which promised babes in bikinis, crystal clear water, gourmet food, and gorgeous accommodations to make anyone want to go. At least, that is what it all looked like in the promotional videos that starred several “influencers”—children with huge followings online.

Instead of putting together the basic components of a good music festival, the organizers decided to pile on the glamour in order to attract the crowd they clearly got. Goers expected the luxury that they were promised yet all their dreams were met with soggy blankets and cheese sandwiches. The ostentatious price tag was not enough to deter people from going.

Music festivals are supposed to be about the music. It is a celebration of musical achievements—not something that you attend simply because you can brag that you got to go. By focusing on status over substance, Fyre Festival was doomed from the start.


Logistical Idiocy

Why, on God’s green earth, would you choose to hold a festival in an undeveloped island? While some festivals have a specific charm because of their location, it is never a good decision to take your audience too far away from convenience and safety. Even massive concerts held in the desert came with massive logistical planning. They needed to make sure that there were medical crews on standby in case something was to happen to an attendee.

Fyre Festival ignored. It seems more and more than the organizers thought that the festival would just work out despite knowing before hand that they did not have the manpower, resources, and gumption to provide the experience that they promised. By taking their attendees outside of the USA, they were immediately subject to conditions that Americans take for granted freely. Comfort is of paramount importance when you have a music festival. There should be adequate seating or shade if necessary.


Final Thoughts

If you take the value and attention away from the music, especially if you are supposed to be a music festival, things are bound to go awry. Before consumers decide to attend a festival, it is important that they do a bit of digging to see if organizers can deliver what was promised.