Who does not love to spend a great time with wonderful music, a budding sense of belonging, and some delicious fare, right? That is what the Kent State Folk Festival is all about. We are a celebration of music in its various genres and playing styles. We feature a wide selection of artists and various bands. We have come to understand through the years that there is always something for everyone!

Our festival is a great way to get acquainted with more organic types of music. Homegrown talent is one of our specialties! The people who run this site are wholly dedicated bunch who have made it their business to bring only the best sort of experiences for anyone who would like to visit.

We aim to be a good resource for those who are aiming to have a good time. There is more to this festival than just the music and the food. There are a plethora of other events and workshops that can entertain you and guests for hours on end. If you would have any concerns or questions regarding this event, you may reach us through 312-271-2321.

We look forward to seeing you all when the day finally arrives!