Roots to Fruition: What Goes Into Creating a Music Festival?

Music Festivals are often the source of happiness and great memories. This does not mean that it does take a lot of work to bring to fruition. Today, we take a look at what goes into creating a music festival. The planning and logistics for a music festival can be either of two things: magical or nightmarish. This primarily relies on who is running the music fest. Let us look at the critical components of a music festival:



No music festival gets off the ground without these folks. The organizers are pretty much the starting point of any music fest. They need to have the right mindset in order to put off something that requires a lot of extensive planning and countless hours of follow-up and backup plans. If the organizers lose sight of the goal or decide to only focus on profits, you end up something akin to the now infamous Fyre Festival.

The organizers must have a realistic take on how the event is going to go and how they plan to go about it.



When you have a music fest, you first need to know where you are going to hold it. As great as it is to offer something “new”, going with something established has a charm all on its own. There is a reason why Woodstock is so consistent through the years. It is often held at a place that has already been tried and tested.  The location must offer a bit of an allure but it should never put people in danger.

Your location is one of the biggest reasons why people can opt to go or pass on your festival. Holding your festival in somewhere familiar will provide your goers with the safety net of familiarity and security.



What kind of music fest does not have performers? While there is a certain appeal to well-known performers, it is often the local performers that truly get a chance to shine. No matter where you go, there will always be a hotbed of talented performers that only need a bit of exposure to really let their careers take flight.



People are always hungry for more than just music—especially at music festivals. If you are planning on hosting or building one, the organizers must take into account the food situation. Will there be local stores that would be willing or able to partner up with the music festival? Music festivals are always a great opportunity to put the spotlight on local vendors and specialties.

If the organizers neglect this, they can expect dwindling numbers as the days go by.



Normally, when you have experienced a successful fest at a location, you try to make the next one even better. You do not uproot it to a completely different location unless you have no choice. The organizers need to suitably hunker down and streamline the process. What worked? What did not work? Weeding out the liabilities all help build better music festivals for all.


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