Fortune Favors the Prepared: Music Festival Survival Guide

Music festivals are fun to go to if you are responsible about it. While organizers do have a responsibility to provide measures to keep things fun and healthy, the attendee must also take measures to ensure a fun and healthy experience. In light of this, today we discuss some important tips that can help you through a music festival!


Due diligence

This is something that we cannot place enough emphasis upon. Whenever you are looking to join a music festival, it pays to study up on it. Yes, we actually used the word “study”. Find out the date; try to get a hold of the schedule of the programs, find out who will be performing—these are a few things that you should consider.

Unlike the kids that showed up at the Fyre Festival, you must take it upon yourselves to double-check if the festival that you are looking at is legitimate. Have there been previous events? How did it go with the attendees? Arming yourself with suitable knowledge will protect you from falling into the sort of trouble the ill-fated Bahamas festival had.


Pack light and responsibly

When your festival checks out, it would be smart if you were to pack light and responsibly. While there are food stalls which can offer a variety of drinks, it is always best to have a small thermos in your bag filled with water. Water is always important if you are ever going to go out.

Avoid bringing excess amounts of cash with you. Pack only the amount which is necessary to get you what you need like food, a ride, or other things. If the music festival you are going to allows food, pack yourself some light snacks if you want to just keep something to perk you up.


Dress for comfort

Yes we understand the trend for flower crowns and often barely there ensembles that the likes of the Jenner sisters and their ilk are so fond of wearing. Remember that the focus should be on the musicians and artists performing—not the scantily clad person in the audience. Also, if the festival you are going to is a standing room only, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

It does not make sense to be #OOTD ready but be too uncomfortable that you end up missing the performances at their peak. In music festivals such as ours, there are activities that go beyond the music. There are other displays and kiosks that offer varying wares and goods. Dressing sensibly will allow you a good condition wherein you can do rounds in the venue without feeling like your feet are about to fall off. Also, if you are going during the day, do not forget to wear sunscreen!


Have fun!

A music festival is meant to be enjoyed. Once you have ticked off the other tips on this list, do not forget to have fun! With these tips, you are more than ready to take on musical festivals that are near you!

Post Author: Ernest Bouie

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